Bare Beer | Drinking beer is one of America's favorite past times. Wouldn't it be nice if you could save a tree with every beer you drink? Bare Beer is an eco-friendly, regional beer company. With bio-degradable packaging, regional distribution, and innovative brewing techniques. This company is saving the world one beer at a time.

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James Hook | James Hook is a multi-million dollar, Boston based, lobster and seafood company that delivers to wholesale and retail markets around the world. In May of 2008 their historical retail space in Boston Harbor burned down. I took the fire as an opportunity to update their look and also create advertisements and a promotional book to keep their customers in the loop about their progress after the fire.

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VIM | Vim is a break from your typical over caffeinated and sugar loaded 4pm pick me up. Infusing water with natural flavors and vitamins this drink has the ability to not only help with your afternoon slump but also cure the common cold. Stop in to Vim and customize a drink that suits your needs.


Kidease | Everyone knows it can be hard to be a kid, but kids with developmental and learning disabilities have an even harder time. Scientific research has proven that certain diets can help a child's focus and learning behaviors. Kidease lunches utilize this research to provide children with healthy lunches that can make their lives a lot easier.

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iMed | A futuristic collaboration between Apple and Medtronic to create iphone accessories for helping control diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Utilizing Apples innovative iphone and user friendly application style along with Medtronic's advanced health care devices this product would keep the patient in constant control of their ailment while also in constant contact with their doctor.

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The Nag | Tired of telling the kids to clean their rooms? Always reminding your husband to take off his shoes? Save yourself from the hassle of always nagging and never being heard, leave it to the professionals.

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Acai | The Acai berry has good reason for being called the new super berry. With a laundry list of health benefits this berry could do wonders for millions of Americans. This new line of food introduces the Acai berry into everyday products so that you're able to easily incorporate this "super berry" into your diet.

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Redcard | Just because you're over the age of 60 doesn't mean you have to be destined for a life of bocci ball and chess at the retirement home. Redcard is a sports league for guys who aren't quite ready to give up on their youth and still have some fight left in them

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Spin Gym | People in the U.S spend up to two hours commuting each way to work every day. Amtrak has teamed up with the National Spinning League to create Spin Gym. Now you can spin your way to work, burning calories and stress on the way!